MY MISSION: To Inspire and Empower People to Step Into Their Greatness



Today's educators are burning out at alarming rates, but this trend can be reversed by transforming your school culture.  I've created a 9 module course designed to tackle a new focus area each month


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By clicking below you can sample Module 6: MEANING for FREE. In this module you will learn how to optimize the precious resource of time all while feeling more fulfilled and how to navigate change in the workplace.



This 5 week online course will allow you to reconnect with your partner and enhance EVERY ASPECT of your relationship from resolving conflict to spicing things up in the bedroom.


Try a Module for FREE

By clicking below you can sample Module 1: Creating a Shared Relationship Vision for FREE. You and your partner will walk away having each defined what a great relationship looks like to each of you, create a combined vision for your relationship, and define concrete action steps for how you will get there.



10 Reasons to Lead a More Minimalistic Life

In this 60 minute talk, Betsy explains how ridding your life of the unnecessary clutter can empower you beyond what you might imagine.  Learning to recognize what truly brings value is the key to living up to your potential.



Who Wants to Be a Fulfillionaire

Betsy shares her story of transforming from barely suriving in the "hamster wheel" to living "in the zone" of fulfillment. 

She then provides the 8 steps that participants can implement to create more vitality in their own lives.  

Rewire: Surviving to Thriving in 6 Simple Steps

We will rethink how we are using one of our most valuable resources: TIME.  In an age where everyone is reporting feeling incredibly busy, it is essential to learn how to prioritize and learn to work smarter not harder.  Betsy will guide participants through a practical hands-on exercise to help them tackle this age old problem.

Creating a 10x Relationship

Through their relatable and down to earth stories and humor, Betsy and her husband, Tyler, introduce participants to the 3U's and the 3C's that shut down intimacy.  They then give their audience tips and strategies for reigniting the spark and keeping it alive.  Couples can come together or fly solo, but they will leave with a deeper understanding of how to better connect with their partner.

Empowering People to Their Greatness

This talk is a great way to liven up the troops.  Betsy shares her story of transforming from a state of going through the motions to thriving.  She provides inspiration and a framework for how each audience member can make the same change in their life.

Empowering Students From Within

Betsy shares how she moved from a place of having external forces dictate her decisions to living a more empowered life.  She then provides the 8 steps students can take to live with a sense of well-being and vitality that comes from within. 


 Start the School Year Off On the Right Foot with Your New Staff

New employees will experience an introduction to your culture designed to make them feel heard, seen, and valued from the get-go. We will set them up for success by proactively addressing and mitigating the stressors that seasoned staff deal with.

Who Wants to Be a Fulfillionaire?

Betsy provides inspiration and a framework for how each participant can make incremental changes toward living in their zone of fulfillment.  She leads participants through a powerful process designed to help them activate their core motivation. They examine where they are now, where they 'd like to be, and develop an action plan to help them close that gap. And most importantly, we build in how to have fun along the way!


Leadership Laws to Improve School Climate

Leaders identify what they want their professional experience to be, how they want to grow, and what they want to contribute.    Next they identify strengths and weaknesses, and create an action plan to align themselves with 9 modern leadership principles.


Align Your Team for Optimum Success

Leaders identify 5 core values as a team and then create their own “rules” and guidelines for how they will live up to those values.  This workshop is ideal for teams who want to communicate more constructively, increase cohesion, and activate engagement. 

Rewire: Surviving to Thriving in 6 Simple Steps

After introducing participants to a new way to conceputalize TIME, Betsy walks the group through a series of practical exercises designed to create clarity and momentum towards what they want to accomplish. 

If this is our game of life, Betsy will coach your people on how to get and stay in their ZONE so they show up with more energy and vitality in a sustained way.



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