Tired of the Same Old?

If life has got you feeling heavy, stuck, or exhausted, then you, my friend, are in the right place. The 1st step to shifting out of the hamster wheel, grinding it out mode is a new way of thinking and a fresh perspective.

Educators, prepare your staff for whatever lies ahead in the 2021-2022 school year and they will be thankful for your leadership.

The Educators Edition of my Balance Not Burnout Program was created specifically to support educators all school year long.

The timing to provide this for your staff has never been better. 


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Rate yourself on the "8 Most Impactful Lifestyle Habits" that we cover in the course, and set your sights on where you would like to go.

Experience the Guest Expert interview with Dave Schleh, a 20+ year veteran teacher who may surprise and challenge you with his perspective on how to create more engagement and fulfillment for both staff and students. We talk about everything from working with challenging students, to gaining the confidence of administrators, to becoming a student of the profession of education.


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 Who Wants to Be A Fulfillionaire?

Staff Edition

This is Betsy's most popular talk because she teaches us how to re-think how we are using one of our most valuable resources: TIME. In an age where everyone is reporting feeling incredibly busy, it is essential to learn how to prioritize and “say No to what’s got to go, to say Yes to what’s best.”  Betsy guides participants through a tested and practical process that helps tackle the age old problem of having too much on our plates.


Who Wants to Be A Fulfillionaire?

Student Edition

Between dealing with social issues, academic pressure, and planning for the uncertainty of their future, it’s no secret that today’s secondary students are struggling with levels of overwhelm, anxiety, depression...and yes burnout...in staggering proportions. Betsy leads students through a powerful process designed to help them cut through the mess and noise of the external world and discover how to find clarity and purpose from the inside out. 


10 Reasons to Lead A More Minimalistic Lifestyle

Have you ever noticed that how you do anything is how you do everything? In this 30 minute Lunch-N-Learn, Betsy explains why ridding your life of unnecessary clutter can clear your mind and empower you beyond what you might imagine.  Packed with humor, vulnerability, and depth, this talk leaves audience members feeling ready to tackle their clutter so they have more confidence, time, and energy! Get up to speed with the minimalism revolution & treat your people to a talk they won't forget! 

Empowering Educators To Their Greatness

There is nothing that inspires people quite like a great story. In this powerful 60 minute talk, Betsy shares her personal experience of being hunched over in chronic pain for half of her life to breaking free from that shell and realizing her full potential from the inside out. She then provides the "8 Steps To Personal Empowerment" that anyone can learn to master. This is a great way to liven up the troops and reminds each of us what's possible when we dig deep and remember the truth of who we are.  


 The Resources That You Need Exist: How to Do More With Less

As a leader, your most important job is to maximize resources. Most people think money and time are the most important resources when it comes to making pivotal decisions toward achieving goals. But we must not underestimate our most important and limitless resource -- the potential of our people. In this workshop, leaders go 1st and tap into the deep well of potential that exists within themselves. Then Betsy teaches leaders how to influence their staff and ultimately students so that results can be achieved by maximizing brain power, saving them time and money.  

Get Out Of The Weeds And Realize Results

Is it a challenge to manage the different personality styles of your team while staying on top of the daily tasks and demands? When you solve your people problems, all other aspects of your daily operations become that much smoother.  In this workshop, Betsy teaches you how to get out of the daily grind trials and tribulations so that you can get your team back on track and all moving in the same direction with more ease and engagement. Contact us to learn more about this tried and true step-by-step process.


Start Off On The Right Foot With New Staff

Seasoned staff forget that starting a new job is overwhelming! Learning the P’s of Paperwork, Procedures, Personalities, Politics, and what to Prioritize is exhausting. This workshop is designed to get ahead of these issues by proactively addressing and mitigating these stressors so that your new staff is set up for success and stays on board for the long term. Connect with Betsy to customize this workshop to fit your exact circumstances, because we know that every organization is different.  


Couples Connection: How to Keep the Spark Alive

Is Your Partner Driving You Crazy?

All of those small but routine fights can weigh down a relationship over time. For a limited time we're offering Module 3 of Couples Connection-"Dealing With Everyday Stressors & Annoyances"- as a breakout module for only $20!



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