Since I was 5 years old, I have been on a soul-searching mission trying to conquer my demons and live my own truth. That journey has led me to the study of psychology, anthropology, astronomy, world religions, mythology, education, and philosophy. The road that I have traveled has included living in the woods of Virginia with a group of 12 teenage girls, hiking the Appalachian Trail, living and traveling up and down the west coast of the USA, studying in London, and trekking through Southeast Asia.

My study and practice of mindfulness, meditation, and yoga have led me to understand that we really are living in an east meets west world where thousands of years of practice as well as current day scientific research all point to one common understanding…that the human mind and psyche are the underlying forces behind who we are, how we feel, and how we behave.

This is an amazing time to be teaching and coaching, and I am excited and honored to be poised on the leading edge of what’s to come!

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Psychologist, Performance Coach, Paradigm Shifter

Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology, University of Minnesota

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Certificate of Women’s Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Robbins Results International Trained Coach


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