What Causes Burnout?

Burnout is caused when the effort needed to deal with daily stressors outweighs the perceived financial & emotional rewards.

My Balance Not Burnout online course takes the weight off your shoulders by guiding your staff through 9 power packed and practical exercises to bring the effort vs. reward equation closer to balance.

After years of research and hundreds of hours of implementation, I handpicked the  9 most effective coaching exercises to maximize the performance of your staff. You will get:
  • 9 Coaching Exercises to Improve Work/Life/Play Balance & Performance 
  • Worksheets & Visuals to Support the Learning Within Each Module
  • A Guided Meditation/Visualization to Promote Mindfulness & Integrate the Learning From each Module
  • 9 Guest Expert Interviews With The Best & Brightest Minds In The Field of Education As Well As The Private Sector to spark excitement and engagement
  • The "Keepin' It Real Accountability Tracker" to Track Participant Progress
  • CEU Certified for up to 18 Credits
  • Administrator Tracking Option to be Incorporated into Employee Performance or Improvement Plans 

Step-By-Step Participants Will Improve In Each of These 8 Core Areas

Ready to ELIMINATE the burnout from your life?

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Big Challenges Require the Best Minds


Module 1: Introduction Interview

Guest Expert Dave Schleh, a veteran classroom teacher of twenty years, provides insight into what allowed him to remain excited and engaged. He shares experiences ranging from working with challenging students to gaining the confidence of administrators to becoming a student of the profession of education.

Module 2: Mindset Interview

Guest Expert, Nancy Maxfield-Wilson, teaches us how to cultivate a mindset of resilience given the obstacles, frustrations,  and challenges that impact our school culture. Nancy works with professionals across industries to prevent burnout, maximize productivity and well-being, and improve retention.

Module 3: Movement Interview

Guest Expert, Dr. Mel Krug, teaches staff and students how to use the movement of their bodies in new and interesting ways to support learning. She shares the science to support this and so much more about how the mind-body connection can increase the effectiveness of any curriculum.

Module 4: Mood Interview

Certified Parent Coach & Trainer Guest Expert, Samantha Moe, teaches us tried and true practical behavioral strategies for how to approach the "intense brain" differently. What works, what doesn’t, and how do we as educators stay emotionally regulated when we’re working with these kids day in and day out?

Module 5: Mirror Interview

Nationally recognized speaker and author, Guest Expert Dr. Eric Hartwig, reflects on lessons learned from 40+ years as an educational administrator as well as how his BEST universal screener (Behavioral Emotional Social Traits)  supports the social emotional learning of students AND staff culture. 

Module 6: Meaning Interview

Change Management Expert, D. Scott Ross, has spent his career consulting with Fortune 500 companies & other organizations to help them navigate change. He walk us through practical tips for how to make these tumultuous times seem manageable and how to enact the change you want to see in the workplace.

Module 7: Mates Interview

National Award Winning Author & Keynote Speaker, Jennifer Ally, shares a few tidbits from her talk, “The Little Known Truth About Drama in the Workplace” to help us better navigate relationships between co-workers, parents, and students---sans drama. Jennifer also introduces us to what I call "the Energetic Paradigm." You don't want to miss out on this fascinating concept!

Module 8: Mitigate Interview

Guest Expert, Doug Chavis, has seen it all as a school psychologist in an urban district where he took the lead on transforming his school culture from receiving up to 225 behavioral crisis calls a day to less than 20 /week. He tells us how he did it as well as how he recharges after dealing with tough times so he can stay emotionally healthy.

Module 9: Map Interview

Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Herrera address issues of equity and access within public education. As social, racial, and generational paradigms are shifting, "Dr. J"--as her students call her--shares her insight as to where we're headed and strategies to best navigate the uncharted territory ahead for public education in a way that’s inspiring and engaging!


You will rate yourself on the 8 core areas we cover in the course, and set your sights on how you'd like to improve.

In the Guest Expert interview you'll hear from Dave Schleh, a 20+ year veteran teacher who was "the teacher" that everyone wanted. He'll share his secrets for how he acquired that reputation and how he was able to constantly innovate his teaching style and become a master of the craft. 



Frequently Asked Questions

The Introduction Module and each of the “8 Core Lifestyle Habits” Modules taught by Betsy take 45-60 minutes to complete. These are hands-on activities that keep participants inspired and engaged as they move through them. The 9 Guest Expert interviews range from 30-60 minutes of listening time, where participants can choose to take notes or just listen as a way to expand their mind and craft.

The cost of not trying new and innovative approaches to address the issue of educator burnout heavily outweighs the risk. Staff turnover has been estimated to cost a minimum of 150% of an employee's salary.

The time and other intangible costs of staff turnover are that it creates disruption, frustration, and low morale for staff, students, and parents. The time and effort it takes to hire, train, and acclimate new staff only to have them leave 3-5 years later is exhausting and adversely impacts overall school culture. 

Yes. Each of the modules includes a worksheet for participants to complete as they go. A visual is also completed as part of each module to summarize the learning, and I always encourages my students to hang their visuals somewhere where they will see them for the month in order to enhance and solidify the learning. I provide a guided meditation/visualization with each module. Finally, participants are assigned their “Keepin’ It Real Accountability Check-In” form to complete before they begin each new module so that they reflect on and integrate the learning as they go through the course. 

Yes. The program is structured so that a point person could take the lead on organizing a set schedule for people to come together and take each module in person, or individuals could complete each module separately and then come together to discuss the learning “book club style.” That’s what’s nice about an online course. It allows for implementation flexibility and adaptability, which is exactly what we all need right now. 

Yes, the Balance Not Burnout: Educator Edition Course is CEU Certified for up to 18 hours of professional development.

Yes, once you purchase and set up your login information, you have lifetime access to the course.

Yes, if for any reason you are unsatisfied with the course, simply call or email us within 30 days to receive a full refund. 

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