Balance Not Burnout

What we know is that creating trauma sensitive schools is a must. Providing meaningful, relevant, and impactful self-care strategies for staff is a necessary component.
It's time to get serious about addressing the burnout that educators are experiencing. What's the best way to do this? 
By educating ourselves of course!  

If you're not quite sure what to expect with an online course, you can actually try Module 1 for FREE.  You will go through an exercise to evaluate what areas of your life most need some TLC and what you can do to address them.

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Balance Not Burnout Modules


In this module I will provide an overview of the course, and participants will take a pre-instruction assessment. 

Guest expert Dave Schleh, a veteran classroom teacher of twenty years, provides insight into what allowed him to remain excited and engaged. He shares experiences ranging from working with challenging students to gaining the confidence of administrators to becoming a student of the profession of education.


How do we cultivate a mindset of resilience given the obstacles, frustrations,  and challenges that impact our school culture?

Guest Expert, Nancy Maxfield, has a uniquely blended background in science, organizational change, and high performance athletics. She works with professionals across industries to prevent burnout, maximize productivity and well-being, and improve retention.



How can we encourage students and staff to use the movement of their bodies in new and interesting ways to support learning? What is the science to support this? How do we incorporate and make movement fun and innovative for teenagers?

Our Guest Expert, Dr. Mel Krug, will walk us through all these answers, and so much more about how understanding the mind-body connection can increase the effectiveness of any curriculum.


How do we approach the child with an intense brain differently?  What works, what doesn’t, and how do we as educators stay emotionally regulated when we’re working with these kids day in and day out?

Guest Expert, Samantha Moe, is a parent coach who developed her own Mad2Glad program for dealing with and managing children with intense brains.  She has tons of practical tips and tactics to share with us about proven ways to connect with intense brain children to help them realize their special and unique gifts, and minimize draining behavior. 




In this module, participants will engage in self-reflection and take constructive steps to enact the changes that they would like to see for themselves. 

Guest Expert, Dr. Eric Hartwig, will walk us through his universal screener BEST (Behavioral Emotional Social Traits) for K-12 students.  Reflecting on his BEST data and findings, he and Betsy discuss the types of resources we need as the grown-ups to serve this generation of students, and how to have constructive conversations with leadership to ask for the resources needed to enact that change.




The field of education is constantly changing, and every school year there are new policies, procedures, and people. Is there a healthy framework through which we can think about change to make it seem less jarring, frustrating, or overwhelming? 

Change Management Expert, D. Scott Ross, has spent his career consulting with Fortune 500 companies and educational institutions to help them navigate change. He'll walk us through practical tips for how to make these tumultuous times seem manageable and how to enact the change you want to see in the workplace.




Any job requires interacting with other people and that seems to inherently bring drama into the picture.  This doesn't have to be the case though, and there are effective measures we each can take to avoid drama in any situation.

Jennifer Ally Kern is author of the national award winning book the "Drama-Free Way" and she will share some tidbits from her talk, “The Little Known Truth About Drama in the Workplace” to help you better navigate relationships between co-workers, parents, and students---sans drama!




Navigating the multitude of different home situations children deal with from race, to income, to chemical dependence can seem like a wholly overwhelming task, but Guest Expert, Doug Chavis, has seen it all as a school psychologist in urban schools.  

He will share his wisdom and practical techniques for navigating complex situations.  He also will talk about how he recharges after dealing with tough times so he can stay emotionally healthy and ready to continue to engage with students, staff, and parents.




Where do we go from here and how do we navigate the next steps in a way that’s inspiring and engaging?

As someone who has been able to significantly impact positive change for Hispanic students in terms of college readiness, Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Herrera, will address issues of equity and access within public education. As social, racial, and generational paradigms are shifting, "Dr. J"--as her students call her--will share her insight as to where we're headed and strategies to best navigate the uncharted territory ahead for public education.


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