Relationship fraying at the edges? You're not alone....


The relationship heat is on folks. This quarantine situation is causing couples and families around the globe to feel the squeeze and pressure in a way that most of us have never experienced before. 

We created our Couples Connection online course for a variety of people of who could benefit:

  • Engaged couples
  • First year married couples
  • First year living together couples
  • Pregnant couples
  • "We just had our first kid and now our life feels like it has turned upside down" couples
  • "We're in the thick of it parenting multiple children we've created, and are now ships passing in the night" couples
  • And empty nesters or soon to be empty nesters couples  

Basically any couple in the thick of a major life transition because research shows that this is when people experience the most stress.

What we did not expect is how our course could serve couples in the midst of a global pandemic. And we are.

To those already feeling the pressure in your relationship, those feeling the edges fraying, or those that are noticing that their relationship seems to be breaking down bit by bit...don't wait until it gets something about it.  NOW! 

We are not afraid to put fire under your butts because quite frankly most of us need a bit of that in order to initiate things that are new or different...ourselves included.

As a start....give this podcast a listen.  We were interviewed by the Inspire Life Podcast  and shared a number of straightforward strategies you can start employing today.  We also talk about how to help get a reluctant partner on board, and how to talk about the tough stuff in a constructive way.

The best part is....talking through the hard stuff that feels heavy and has been weighing you down is what leads to more intimacy. 

In our Couples Connection online course we strategically picked the 5 most impactful exercises we've discovered that make meaningful improvement in a relationship.  We focus on:

  • Module 1: What A Great Relationship Looks (and feels) Like           You'll begin by independently answering this question. Then you will merge your answers to create a shared vision.  Finally, you will make an actionable plan with built-in accountability to ensure that you continue to prioritize your relationship no matter what life throws at you.
  • Module 2: Taking the Drama Out of Conflict                           Understanding how to constructively navigate conflict is not something that most of us were explicitly taught.  We guide you through identifying your 'go to role' when it comes to conflict, and then help you create a plan to break out of the same old ruts so that you can resolve arguments in new and more effective ways.
  • Module 3: Dealing with Everyday Stressors and Annoyances         It's often the little things that create the most discord in a relationship because they slowly undermine the positive feelings you have toward your partner and instead cause you to focus on what drives you bananas about them. It might be about leaving the kitchen cabinets open, or not putting clothes in the hamper, or loading the dishwasher the 'wrong way'.  These seemingly small and repetitive annoyances can accumulate to create intense pressure in a relationship. By the end of this module, you'll walk away with a plan for how to deal with your top 3 everyday relationship stressors that cause unnecessary tension in your life. You'll leave feeling closer, more connected, and more appreciative of your partner. 
  • Module 4: Let's Talk About Sex Baby In a long term relationship physical and emotional intimacy go hand in hand and you can't have one without the other.  We'll help you break down what enhances and shuts down intimacy, and you'll each get to pick key things you can do differently to 'spark' things back up and keep them that way. We have received lots of great feedback and fascinating stories from couples who have thoroughly enjoyed the results of this module (wink, wink). Trust us, you want in on this one. 
  • Module 5: Getting Intentional About Meeting Your Partner's Deepest Desires You'll discover how you and your partner each like to give and receive love.  Uncovering these secrets will ensure each of your love tanks are kept full, and you each feel treasured and appreciated. Treat your partner like you did in the beginning and there won't be an end. 

During quarantine, we're offering Module 3 for only $20 as a way to support couples and families. 

If you're finding the everyday stressors are starting to eat away at you, don't wait until it gets worse. NOW is the time to take action!

Your Relationship Experts,

Betsy and Tyler 




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