How a Fulfillionaire Sets Goals


When you set goals, what is your process? For most people, they get super jazzed about an idea, they may or may not write it down, and then they go straight into implementation mode. 

For example, they’ll think, "I want to lose weight. I’m super motivated to do it because I’ve been eating like crap and none of my clothes fit." 

Next they...

  • Buy new workout clothes 
  • Join a gym
  • Stock their refrigerator with healthier food
  • Cook more often/eat out less

The problem is that after they do these things for a few days or weeks, the initial excitement and resolve wears off and the old habits slip back in.  They also realize pretty quickly, that just going through these motions….doing these tasks….there is something that feels kind of empty about the whole thing. 

It’s not fulfilling.

It’s not sustainable.

There is not enough motivation or inspiration to keep them going. 

You see, most of us have been so conditioned to prioritize our task list that we bypass the most important step of goal setting, which is….(drum roll please) identify our WHY. 

WHY the heck are we trying to adopt these new behaviors anyway? We need to identify our why because changing behaviors, changing habits… HARD. It takes a lot of energy and focus to break old habits and replace them with new ones. 

 The only way that you are going to sustain the changes that you desire to make, and get the results you REALLY want, is to take a few minutes to dig deep and identify why this matters to YOU.

To your life’s purpose.

To your health.

To your well-being, your family, your relationship, your finances, and your career. 

There is a quick and easy (but oh so impactful exercise) I have my coaching clients do to help them identify their why when goal setting.  It's called the Rapid Planning Method and it's only 4 steps! 

You can download your very own RPM worksheet HERE

You’ve sooo got this!

Step 1: Identify Your Result (AKA Your Goal)

 Your RESULT needs to be clear, specific, declarative, and definitive. 


  •  Between today and ______________________________ date, I WILL walk at least 15 minutes/day for 20/30 days. 
  • Between today and ______________________________ date, I WILL stick to the Whole 30 eating guidelines for the next 30/30 days
  • Over the next 30 days, I WILL write in my gratefulness journal 25/30 days. 

Write Your RESULT in the center of the page in the “Result” column. Circle it. This is your target and no matter what life throws at you, YOU WILL hit this target!

 Step 2: Identify Your Purpose/Why

There are 2 main ways to motivate ourselves.  Through pleasure and through pain. What will feel great about achieving this goal and what will your life look like if you don't follow through? 


Access your feelings here and don't be afraid to dig deep and look into the future for possible implications.

  • What is going to feel good about achieving your result for yourself?
  • What will the feel good ripple effects be on the other areas of your life? Who else will benefit? 
  • How might following through with this result impact your life in 6 months or 1 year?

Once again, It’s okay to go over the top on want to light up your mind and body, juice yourself up, and really FEEL the impact of this on your life. Set a 3 minute timer and just write.


Imagine yourself having identified your result and 30 days from now, you come back to this course and you haven’t done it or even come close.

  • What are the pain points associated with you NOT achieving this result for yourself? Dig deep here.
  • How do you feel about yourself?
  • How does it negatively impact other areas of your life?
  • Who else does it negatively impact in your life? How does it negatively impact them?

Set a 3 minute timer and just write.

Step 3: Identify Your Massive Action Steps

Include every single micro-step you can think of so that you have it all listed out in black and white at one time. I suggest doing a free-flowing brainstorming session of all of the action steps you need to take first without worrying about the order in which you need to do them. Then, once you’ve done a brain dump, put them in a sequence or prioritized order that makes sense. 

Step 4: Schedule Your Action Steps….RIGHT NOW!

 Before you walk away from doing this activity, schedule at least 1 of your massive action steps. If you have actions that need to happen on a recurring basis, schedule them. Stop reading this and get to scheduling! 

You can download your very own RPM worksheet HERE

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