Don't Ever Let Anyone Tell You You Can't Do It


As my son turned 10 amongst the Disney magic, I leaned down and whispered to him,

“Don’t ever let anyone tell you that can’t create a spark in people AND make money from your own creativity, imagination, perseverance, and child-like wonder. The grown-ups forget about what’s possible. The kids know. The grown-ups come here to remember.”

Raising kids is so tricky. They are brimming with constant curiosity and questions about EVERYTHING. Owen is at the age where he wants to learn about money. He’s earning money for chores and more likely to get money for gifts these days, so he’s got more of it to burn and he wants to know what’s what. It’s prime time, right? Let’s strike while the iron is hot, and the student is ripe for learning.

Except, what the heck are we going to teach him?

As his mom, I’m in the midst of a “Money Mindset Challenge” myself to un-learn and re-learn everything I’ve ever thought I’ve known on this topic. I keep thinking….dang…I wish I’d figured this stuff out before I had kids.

I wish whole generations of us had learned what I’ve learned about mindset, relationships, health, and wealth. So much less need for pain and suffering and so much MORE hope and opportunity than what generations before us have experienced--if only we understood just a few simple but profound universal concepts.

But…we are where we are…right? So I tell him what I know based on what I've learned, un-learned, and am in the process of re-learning: “Owen, you are a caring and compassionate human being who can create whatever you want for your life through the power of your own creativity, unique gifts, talents, perseverance, and by collaborating with people who understand that they can do the same. You have a divine spark for life that is uniquely yours and you are here on this planet right now to use it. Follow your dreams, and no matter the nay-sayers or hardships that follow (and they will), don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t make your dreams come true.”

That’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it.


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