Feeling the pressure in your relationship? Our #1 tip for how to deal


Nothing spices up a relationship like spending 24 hours a day, 7 days a week together, right?  When we spend that much time together with anyone, it's only natural that we start to notice and become irritated by all kinds of little quirks.  

These are the little things (leaving laundry on the floor, loading the dishwasher the "wrong" way) that we feel like are simple to do "the right way," and yet, it seems our partner goes out of their way to do them in a way that annoys us. 

These things seem small at first, but the hidden danger is that their importance escalates (as does the annoyance) to a degree where they can drive a serious wedge into any relationship.  These escalation stages are called the 4Rs.

As Tyler and I have worked through our own issues, we've developed an extremely helpful process (which starts with the 4Rs) to help us talk about these everyday stressors and finally resolve them.

Tyler actually walks through this tool in detail in module 3 of our online course, "Couples Connection: How To Keep The Spark Alive." During this quarantine, we have decided to break out this module from the rest of the course, and offer special pricing of $20.  The video above gives you a taste of what the module is like.  

In less than an hour you'll:

  • Each name your top 3 everyday stressors
  • Classify the severity of each stressor by identifying where it falls on the 4Rs 
  • Identify an action plan for dealing with each stressor (we provide plenty of suggestions)
  • Work on shifting your mindset and language to stop these everyday stressors from escalating in the future

I'm sharing this with you while we're all in these close quarters because having tools to reduce tension and friction during this time is vital for ourselves, our relationships, and our kids (if we have them) to stay well and perhaps even come out better on the other side.

So if you're ready to stop having the same fight over and over again and ready to try something new that we've seen work for countless couples give module 3 a try!



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