Getting to the Bottom of Things

The nice thing about slowing down is that it gives us a chance to get to the bottom of things that we’ve otherwise put off because we’re too “busy” spinning in our hamster wheels, experiencing symptoms but ignoring what will actually make us feel clean, clear, well, and fulfilled.

This is what getting to the bottom of my freezer looks like. It’s work and it’s gross to see how much we’ve let accumulate, but it’s so refreshing to get to the other side. Let’s face it...we’ve all got “bottom of the freezer stuff” going on in our lives. No use pretending we don’’s something that connects us for heavens sake, so let’s get real about it and bring it out into the light! 💫💫💫

This has been and will continue to be a time of getting to the bottom of our kids behaviors, working less and being present more, improving our communication as a family unit, discarding the unneeded stuff we STILL have (despite all the minimizing!), and taking inventory of what and who we REALLY want to be so that we come out cleaner, clearer, stronger, and more simplified on the other side. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦💪🏽❤️

It seems that this virus is forcing this to happen on a macro level too. There is no more hiding, dismissing, or ignoring the inefficiencies and inequalities in the systems that we have created. The cracks are being widely exposed....and that’s okay. That’s how the light 💡 gets in and allows deeper levels of clearing and change to happen.

We all say we want change and we want things to be better. The truth is, it usually takes a crisis to shake humans up enough to ACTUALLY spur us into action in truly meaningful ways.

Human nature is to stay the same.

Life’s nature is to move, to evolve, to adapt, and expand.

The human ego ain’t got nothing on life/mother nature! We are either going to adapt and move with that fact, or feel stuck, frustrated, miserable, and left behind.

So I’m curious, for those of you who have this precious time how are you using it? And are you willing to share what the bottoms of your freezers (or whatever else you are getting to the bottom of) looks like?


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