Hit your burnout breaking point yet?

Have you noticed that now that the pandemic dust is settling here in the US, people are more willing to have serious conversations about how to make systemic changes regarding issues that have plagued us for a long time?

I have been listening and observing leaders & employees, tired mamas & exhausted dads...they are all echoing the same sentiment. "Somethings gotta give in terms of how we're setting up our lifestyles."

This sentiment also rings true when you examine the research & data collected from organizations all over the country. Tim Allen summarizes it nicely in this Harvard Business Review Article:

 The pandemic laid bare the fact that we have a broken care infrastructure, support for mental health is insufficient, and many of us are entangled in demanding and inflexible workplace cultures that create burnout. Organizations are responding. They’ve recognized that employee benefits can be life-changing for their workforce, especially those centered around care, flexibility, and mental health. In order to better support their employees and their organizations, they plan to revise their strategies in the upcoming year. A new report on the future of benefits shows that 98% of human resource leaders and decision-makers from across the U.S. plan to newly offer or expand at least one benefit due to lessons learned during this crisis.

We've finally hit our breaking point in terms of why we need to re-think the systemic issue of burnout. Now we need to focus on how we address it. Solving this problem has been my purpose, passion, and obsession for the past 6 years. I've been working with people who are ready to hit the ground running on this thing. My question is....are you?

If so, click HERE to set up a 30 minute strategy session about how together we can do better.

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