Is This What the Face of Future Leadership Will Look Like?

I believe so. Or at least, I hope so. And no, I’m not just talking about my face. It’s just that a face like mine represents what’s possible when each one of us as individuals chooses to live our lives differently.

And I believe that it will be women like myself…sensitive, dreamers, big-hearted, smart, passionate women, willing to take risks, to speak up, to rise up, take the reins, and support each other--who will chart a new course for the trajectory of humanity through constructive communication, creativity, and collaboration.

This is a photo of me leading a weekly women’s leadership call from my driveway, in my robe from 7-8am. I am sitting in my driveway because my husband is out walking our dog and I want the kids to know that if they need me, I’m close by, and yet I need it to be quiet and without distraction so that I can focus on what the women are saying and offer constructive input.

It’s a frickin’ juggling act for sure. And I’ve been at it for years. Sometimes I ask myself why I keep at it. It’s so much to manage. It takes a lot of energy and courage. It’s because it makes me feel alive. Like my life has meaning and purpose.

Like I’m “spending” my time doing something that matters and that is bigger than myself. It’s because it calls me forth into a better version of myself, and thereby calls forth my kids and those around me to grow and expect more from themselves.

Now, I’m not proposing that I believe or even suggest that women alone will take the reins to turn the tide on where we’re going. If I didn’t have the support of AMAZING men mentoring me, backing me, championing me, partnering with me, parenting with me, and focusing and guiding my idealistic notions and messy creativity, I wouldn’t be as far along on my path as I am.

In this day and age where white, older men are being harpooned in the media because the power dynamics are ripe for a shift, I am meeting more and more men who have a very similar profile to myself and the women I’ve surrounded myself with—smart, sensitive, warm, supportive, and team players who want to create a different, cleaner, better world.

I believe that all of our solutions exist. I believe that they are right here, right now, that they lie in each and every one of us. From the bold and brave moms in their pink robes doing conference calls from their driveways, to the kind and sensitive men who are ready to shake things up.

It’s go time, folks.

I don’t care where you live, what you look like, or what you’ve got going on. Whatever your super power is, it’s time to identify it, use it, and let it shine!


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