Ladies, Don't Fool Yourselves....If You're Not Taking Care of Yourself...You Ain't Takin' Care of Anybody


For many of us this is a PARADIGM SHIFT.

I know. I get it. It was for me too.

The idea that I could and actually SHOULD put myself on the top of my to-do list was foreign territory. It went against every grain of my nervous system. It was preposterous, selfish, impossible to even consider given the set up of my life.  After all, I have two kids….a husband, a house, a dog, a yard, bills to pay, friendships to maintain, and extended family to stay connected with.

But as I’ve been out doing speaking, workshops, and coaching with women from all career sectors (including the stay at home mommy one) and all types of lifestyle situations, I have had the opportunity to see this issue from a broader perspective.

And I’ve observed a similar pattern over and over again.

When mama ain’t happy and healthy, ain’t nobody healthy and happy. For realsie.

Because NO MATTER HOW HARD MAMA TRIES TO HOLD IT ALL TOGETHER, please everyone else, and take care of everyone else’s wants and demands—it’s simply just not sustainable given how much we HAVE ON OUR PLATES in modern day society.

And then mama gets sick, mama gets depressed, mama gets divorced, mama gets overwhelmed, mama hits burnout -- and ultimately the whole system suffers. Ladies, the "now that I can do it all—work and maintain my home and family—I should be able do it all and do it perfectly and keep a smile on my face" mentality just isn’t sustainable.

THERE'S ANOTHER WAY TO DO THIS whole “women’s rights, equality, freedom” thing. And I’ll give you a hint…it doesn’t involve running in the hamster wheel until you burn out, get sick, or hit some other type of metaphorical wall.


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