Let's Keep Ridin' the Wave of This Turning Point....

Unity & Healing Starts At Home 

With all of the talk of unity and healing this week, Tyler and I wanted to drop you a line to encourage you to celebrate the unity and healing that's possible within your own home & within your intimate relationship. It's fun and easy to ride the high of change and newness. It's a whole other thing to have a plan to actually sustain and maintain the changes you want to see in your own life and on a larger scale.

The fact of the matter is that change starts from within. While we may not be able to control what's happening with COVID, politics, or the economy, we can do us. And when we do us, it also contributes to the whole.

Our teeny tiny way of contributing to the collective momentum of unity & healing is to:

1. Make it easier for you to "do you."  We've decided to extend our promotional pricing for our Couples Connection online course through Valentine's Day.

2. Put our money where our mouth is & donate 10% of every Couples Connection online course purchased through Valentine's Day to our local women's shelter.

Turningpoint's mission is to provide support and resources to achieve freedom from domestic and sexual violence.  

To learn more about the amazing work that they've been doing in our community for over 40 years, visit their website:  https://www.turningpoint-wi.org 

Cheers to more unity & healing for ALL,

Tyler & Betsy

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