Let's talk about TIME, shall we? 

Thus far in 2020,  time has felt bizarre. We've had immensely more time cooped up in our households, we've felt the time compression of having to juggle work demands, household tasks, and homeschooling our children... and now it is summer. For many of us it feels like some of the pressure is lessening as we can be outdoors more and the demands of schooling our children are not ever-present.

So now the question is....what do we do with our time?

After being so revved up on cortisol and adrenaline for the past few months just trying to survive, it can be difficult to switch gears, let go, let our guard down, and rest. 

When I work with people on this concept of time, I encourage them to get extremely intentional about it. Why? Because when you pause....when you really stop to think about it....what is our time? Our time is our life. It is the one resource that we all have the same amount of....24 hours/day, 7 days a week. So let's think about it as if it's just as important as our money or as our relationships or as our health. 

I encourage people to be intentional with the language they use when they talk about time. We talk about "spending" and "investing" our money. If time is just as important a resource as any other in our life (or I would argue an even more important resource), then let's program our thinking about it in a similar way. Let's think and talk about time as the true capitol of our lives.

Too many people trade their time (i.e. their life) continually chasing down the resource of money in order to buy time that they never allow themselves to enjoy. Or once they finally do have the time to enjoy it, they've destroyed their health or relationships in the pursuit of it.

So here's the secret....here's what Fulfillionaires understand. When you become a master in how you think about, invest, and spend your TIME FIRST, then you direct all of the other resources in your life around that. 

I am going to get you started walking through the most powerful exercise I do with my private clients and at my speaking events when I coach and teach on this concept of time. Here's what you need to do:

Step 1: Print your "Time Target to Thrive" worksheet HERE

Step 2: Identify what is in your Dimension of Distraction. Write down what activities that you do to help you get away from it all in the Dimension of Distraction circle of your Time Target to Thrive. Most people identify surfing social media, watching (or binge-watching) Netflix, having a glass of wine, reading a novel, etc as being in their Dimension of Distraction. 

Step 3: Identify what is in your Dimension of Demand. List the activities that are specific to your lifestyle that create a sense of demand on you in this Dimension of Demand circle on your Time Target to Thrive. Most people identify these activities that are in their Dimension of Demand: running errands, laundry, dishes, yard work, grocery shopping, home maintenance, parenting, work meetings, work emails, church responsibilities, car maintenance, cooking, cleaning, specific work projects/tasks, familial obligations, scheduling appointments and kid activities, etc. 

Step 4: Identify what is in your Zone of Fulfillment. Whatever is specific to you here, write it in your Zone of Fulfillment circle.  For some people this is doing yoga, being in nature, rock climbing, sky diving, photography, cooking, writing, working out, watching their children play, spending time with a certain person, traveling, teaching, closing a win/win business deal.   

Step 5: Quantify how much time you spend in each area. Out of 100% of your waking hours, calculate an estimate of how much time you SPEND in each of the 3 areas. When you add your 3 numbers together, it should equal 100%. 

My Current Lifestyle:

Dimension of Distraction: ___________ 

Dimension of Demand: ___________ 

Zone of Fulfillment: ___________ 

Fantastic Job! You have now identified where you are currently "spending" or "investing" your time. So what does this mean? Research indicates that...

  • If you are "spending" more than 20% of your time in the Dimension of Distraction, your self-esteem is going to begin to erode. You need to get intentional about investing more time into your Dimension of Demand and Zone of Fulfillment. 
  • If you are spending more than 50% of your time in the Dimension of Demand, you are at risk for burnout. When we do this activity, most of the people I work with discover that they are spending 70% to 80% to 90% of their time (life) here. It becomes crystal clear why they are so exhausted all the time, why life no longer feels fulfilling, and how they have come to resign themselves to being hamsters on the wheel of life rather than feeling a sense of vitality and fulfillment more often. You will need to make lifestyle shifts in order to invest more time in your Zone of Fulfillment or perhaps Dimension of Distraction.
  • In order to create a healthy, balanced, fulfilling lifestyle, we need to understand how to invest at least 30% of our time in our Zone of Fulfillment. Preferably up to 40 to 50%. As I've worked with hundreds of people on this topic, most find that in the current American culture if we can problem solve how to get them to at least 30% of time invested "In Their Zone" then that feels like a huge win. 

Okay, great. awareness is the first step. So, now what do we do what about it? If you've completed this activity and you'd like to work toward making shifts to invest more time in your Zone of Fulfillment, sign up for a private coaching session using this link: https://www.betsykcoaching.com/coaching_$50

From now until July 4th, I am offering 60 minute private coaching sessions for $50 (rather than $150) to help you get in your ZONE!

During this private coaching session, we will walk through your "Time Trade Tactics" and actually schedule more time in your Zone so that you can experience that much needed sense of restoration and revitalization that you crave.


10% of your coaching session will go to the George Floyd Memorial Fund...because when each of us betters ourselves, we all do better.   

Use this link to sign up now: https://www.betsykcoaching.com/coaching_$50

Live Your Light,


Fulfillionaire Facilitator, Educational Psychologist, Inspirational Speaker


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