My #1 all time favorite "Mom" gift from my family...


Far and away my #1 favorite and most memorable gift from my family was the "Love Jar" that Tyler and the kids created for me. Such a simple idea and yet a super powerful and super meaningful way to show appreciation and enhance our relationships.

For those of you who are used to having your kids make some type of Mother's Day crafts when they are at school....have no fear...this gift is simple to make and you likely have everything you need right there at home.  

All you need:

  • A jar of any type, decorations for it if you'd like (a ribbon, bow, etc)
  • Paper (post-its work great just be sure to fold with sticky side in)
  • Scissors 

As a family, do a brainstorming session on all the things you love about mom. Decide how many you want to put in the jar. Write them down, cut them out into little sheets of paper (think fortune cookie size), fold them up, and plop them in the jar.  If you want, you can also add a signature so she knows who contributed each little bit of love.

Prompts for what to include in it from you...ask yourself:
  • What drew you to your partner when you first met?
  • What qualities do you admire in your partner?
  • Are there any personality quirks you find charming?
  • What everyday things does your partner do that you appreciate?
  • What do you find physically attractive about your partner?
  • What are some of your favorite memories with your partner?

Prompts for what to include in it from your kids...ask your kids:

  • What are some of their favorite memories with mom? 
  • What qualities do they admire in mom?
  • What everyday things does mom do for them that they appreciate?
  • Are there things they find funny, special, or unique about mom?
At a time like this when we are cooped up in close quarters together ALL THE TIME....this is a great to give mom tangible reminders about the things that make her special. I suggest having her read 4-5 when you give this to her and then savor one daily until she has read them all.
These little pops of love truly do help spark things up and bring a sense of joy to the household. Have fun with this and I would love to hear the reaction the mom in your life has!
This exercise is just one part of what we cover in module 4 of our Couples Connection online course.  This module is all about reconnecting physically by rediscovering all of the many things that drew you to your partner when you first met, and getting more intentional about voicing all of the things you appreciate about them now.
Here is a photo that a participant from our Couples Connection course sent and said how well it was received....
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