Relationship cans of worms....opened!

I don't know about you, but DANG....we have found 2020 to be a fascinating year for re-examining relationships!

From old to young, work colleagues to family members, bosses to employees....what we’ve seen across the board is that 2020 has opened up a whole lot of relationship cans of worms!  

And that's okay. In fact, often's healthy.

Now more than ever the whole world seems to have woken up to the realization that our relationships impact all aspects of our lifestyle...from our work performance to our mental health, our finances to our physical health.  

If 2020 has made anything clear, it's that we can no longer compartmentalize the different areas of our lives and pretend like they don't impact each other! Now that we've been smooshed on top of each other for the past 9 months attempting to live, work, school, more and more people have been signing on with us to take intentional time to devote to their romantic relationship from the comfort of their own home. 

No therapists visits, no expensive divorce bills. An opportunity for you to do you with just a little bit of structure and support from the two of us. 

Over the next weeks and months, we'll be sharing stories, tips, and tidbits about how to open up more meaningful conversations with your significant other, how to engage in constructive dialogue with each other, and how to work through problem areas related to everything from physical intimacy to loading the dang dishwasher!

We also wanted to give you the heads up that we will go back to our regular pricing for our "Couples Connection: How to Keep the Spark Alive" online course of $249 in 2021. If you've been curious about taking the course, but haven't yet pulled the trigger, this is a great time to get the most bang for your buck and check that Christmas, New Years, or Valentines Day gift off your list. 

We hope that along with the couples you see here, you join us for this ride as we get raw, get real, and have fun taking a deeper dive into how to keep the romantic relationship spark alive!      

Cheers to more relationship fulfillment in 2021!

Tyler & Betsy

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