Relationship feeling like Groundhog's Day?

Is your relationship feeling the groundhog's day effect? We've got a thing for that. It's called Module 4 of our Couples Connection course and it's where we finally get to talk about sex, baby! 

We recommend doing modules 1-3 first so that you're building up the emotional and conversational intimacy with each other, but some folks just dive on in to module 4 right away because physical intimacy is the topic they agree they most want to talk about from the get go.  

In module 4, Tyler talks about what tends to happen to our physical intimacy once the "law of familiarity" sets in. Betsy shares the framework of the "3 M's" that contributed to her low libido for a good chunk of their relationship. 

And then, Tyler & Betsy walk you through a framework where you get to talk to each other about: 

  • What attracted you to each other in the first place
  • Things that shut down your physical intimacy
  • How each of you can take responsibility for how you can improve your sex life

Some of our favorite testimonials are from couples who reach out to us to let us know how freeing this module was to do together and how much more willing their partners were to spice things up!

Remember, our promotional pricing is only good through Valentine's Day. With our 30 day money back guarantee, there really isn't much to lose...and so, so much to gain!

Cheers to more relationship fulfillment in 2021!

Tyler & Betsy

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