Cabin fever got you feeling more like roommates than lovers? Tyler has a solution...

"Did you change the furnace filter?"

"Do we need more eggs?"

"We have Ayla's teacher conference today at 4."

Not sure if you find yourselves in similar situations, but OMG do we fall into some serious non-spicy relationship ruts! Attempting to claw ones way out of the quicksand pit is no joke.

To an outsider looking in (or Alexa who is most likely spying on us), our conversations no doubt sound like 2 roommates living together rather than a pair of lovers.

Yes, this is totally normal.

Yes, this is to be expected in any relationship/marriage that sustains past the infatuation phase.

Yes, when you choose to have kids, this is par for the course.

...And yet...we're both happier & healthier when we keep it just a wee bit spicier than roommate mode.   

That's why I was thankful to open this as a Christmas gift from Tyler this year. He knows that I prefer experiences over material objects, so he created an experience that we could have together in our own home.

Ty is a "gifts" guy. It's his 2nd top love language and he's good at it. He listens. He does research. He takes pride in finding that gift-giving sweet spot that may or may not cost a lot of money, but is memorable and fills up the recipients' cup. This year he consulted my lifelong best friend who works in the skin care industry and they came up with this "Koepke Haus spa experience."

Feel free to use as much or as little of this idea as you'd like with your partner now or for Valentines' Day this year....or whenever! 

It certainly added some spark to our relationship to call my husband and say, "Hi, I'd like to find a time to book my Koepke Haus spa treatment." There was a whole lot of laughter and spice on the line as we got our appointment set up, and waalaaa! something to look forward to that was not related to the furnace filter, what the kids need, or anything other than us!

Tyler & Betsy

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