What is most needed from LEADERSHIP at a time like this? One word....

This has been a time of chaos and swirl for all of us.

There is nothing easy about what we are witnessing and experiencing. It's complex for all of us.

Most everyone has been triggered by something and is struggling with the degree of uncertainty that we are met with going forward. 

So what is needed from leadership at a time like this? 

One word: listening. 

Less talking, more listening. 

Less having answers, more asking questions....and then listening.

Less being right or defensive, more listening. 

I don't care how much you feel like you have already listened. If you are to be an effective leader right now, your most important job is to get humble, listen more, and listen better. 

I have been to meetings that were called "listening sessions" but were actually more about half listening and half being ready to defend and prove a point. 

Let me give you a real life example of what I'm talking about in my work with a large Twin Cities school district.... 

I asked a black female principal if I could interview her after she announced that she would be resigning from her position at an urban elementary school. I had worked with this woman. I had seen what she was capable of. Her leadership was a HUGE ASSET to the district she worked for.

I wanted to know why she was leaving. I listened as she explained her variety of reasons and experiences. And ultimately she said this statement that has struck me ever since: "they aren't ready for me." The powers that be in that school district were not ready to truly listen to what this woman had to say. She knew what was needed by her people--by the students, the families, and the teachers she served in her building. But when she advocated for it, the powers that be at the top just couldn't or wouldn't HEAR HER.

So this district that has a public facing statement about their "inclusivity" and desire to attract, retain, and value people of color, lost one of their greatest resources to serve their people.

We cannot afford for our education and other systems "not to be ready" for this type of leader anymore. This is the type of institutionalized, systematic racism and sexism that MUST be addressed or we will continue to perish. 

So again, your job is to get curious, get ready to learn something new, and to listen without rebuttal. To listen without judgment. To listen simply for the act of being present with another human being and providing them the opportunity to be seen and heard. To become a student to their experience and let them be the teacher that makes you better.

Now, I also know that as a leader you need to be listened to as well. I have worked with leaders from all walks of life and I understand the kinds of pressures on you that most people don't see or understand. And I know that when you feel supported and listened to, you are better able to provide this to your people. 

That's why from now until July 4th, I am offering 60 minute private coaching sessions for $50 (rather than $150).


Use this link to schedule your session: https://www.betsykcoaching.com/coaching_$50

10% of your coaching session will go to the George Floyd Memorial Fund...because when each of us betters ourselves, we all do better.   

Live Your Light,


Fulfillionaire Facilitator, Educational Psychologist, Inspirational Speaker


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