Who Are YOU "Syncing Up" With?


I find myself being inspired by almost everything these days.

This weekend it was the synchronized swimming performance of my tween-age niece. As the music started and the spotlight hit the water, it dawned on me what a cool metaphor synchronized swimming is for what’s currently happening in collective consciousness.

The beauty, power, and grace of what’s possible when feminine energy intentionally synchronizes itself for something greater than each of us as individuals is always captivating to witness.

After all, this is what feminine energy does best. We are the connector energy, the creative force, the vessel through which life and spirit flow. And when we’re aware that we can live and lead from that place rather than emulate the focused, driven, masculine energy that’s been modeled for us in the current culture, it’s a fabulously freeing feeling.

When you take a look at the women you've been "syncing" up with in your life, what do you find?

Are they tapped into and owning the authentic power of their feminine energy and essence?


Are they living and leading according to the more widely modeled masculine values of achievement, driving towards goals, and pushing for results regardless of what it takes to get there?

If you find yourself caught up in the "pushing, driving, achievement" focused camp, have no fear--most of us ladies who are now rockin' our fabulous femininity values of flow, trust, and letting go have lived and learned from that paradigm.

And the good news is....there's another way to live and lead. And it is soooo much more FUN! Hop on this train ladies. We're on our way to freedom, fun, flow, fabulousness (and fierceness as needed :))

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