Ladies, Don't Ever Forget How Much Men Want to Please You

In working with all kinds of men from different walks of life and varying personalities, I have found one common theme that exists throughout:

At their core, men desire to please women.

Now, I know it can be easy to forget this on a day-to-day basis. Perhaps if you’re like me, you’ve communicated to your partner that your “love language” is acts of service and what really turns you on is having a clean house--and yet his parts of the house continue to look like a 20-year old-college-boy pig sty.

But once you get below that surface stuff and know how to engage with men and provide them a safe opportunity to open up and share their inner most drives and desires, what lies beneath (for most men) is a deep longing to please and provide for women.

Think about it. Men have literally been fighting to the death since the dawn of time because they believe that in doing so they are somehow pleasing or providing for women and/or their kin. (Sidenote: I personally...

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Tap Into this Whole New Reservoir of Life, Energy, and Opportunity

I’ve recently come to realize how much  thought, emotion,  energy, human potential, and just plain old damned brain space is used up by the defense mechanisms that we as humans have created to “protect” ourselves from difficult, painful experiences.

I mean, I’m not just talking about a little emotional release here.

I’m talking like half of my energy, half of my intellect, huge sums of money, fully exploring my sex life, and a large portion of fully knowing, experiencing, and appreciating the people in my life, especially the people I am closest to.

It literally is equivalent to feeling like I have been living my life as half a person to now experiencing it as a whole person.

I tell you what, feeling whole, feeling like I can see the up sides of things I used to deem as “bad” such as confrontation, conflict, anger, pain, and fear feels WAY better than avoiding those things and wishing they didn’t need to exist. And not only...

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