What My Son is Teaching Me About Cultivating Intrinsic Motivation

My sister took this picture of our son, Owen, at his first cross country meet this fall. 

I love this picture because you can see & feel the sheer determination, grit, and intrinsic motivation bursting through every muscle and cell of his being.

And it's exciting....because it wasn't always like this with Owen.

When he was in 3rd grade, Owen participated in a community event called The...

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The Obstacle is the Way

motivation Jan 06, 2021

"The obstacle is the way." 

This is one of my favorite bits of wisdom and yet I tend to forget it often. I came across this image recently and appreciated the reminder. I thought you might too. Especially right now when the obstacles feel big and hard without a clear finish line in sight.

"The obstacle is the way." What does this mean? It means that sometimes the thing we are most avoiding...

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