An Interview with Coach Kevin Black Before He Heads to Rio

coaching olympics success Aug 08, 2016

In my quest to connect the dots as to what drives people to step into their own greatness, I’ve happened upon an Olympian caliber coach in my own small town of River Falls, Wisconsin. 

As an athlete who went undefeated throughout his high school career, rocked his Division 1 (UW-Madison) college team, and made the All-American team for wrestling, it’s no wonder Kevin Black was chosen as one of the coaches for the Women’s Olympic Wrestling team in Rio this year.

I spent a couple of hours interviewing Coach Black and his lovely wife, Liz, in their home, while one of their 3 sons played in a pile of Legos. I approached the interview hoping to elicit Kevin’s secrets and strategies for success as an athlete, a coach, and a leader in his community. 

Reflecting upon the interview, I realized that the true secret to his success was apparent within the first 5 minutes of meeting him and it is this: 

Coach Kevin Black is one of the humblest and most...

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