An Open Invitation to Our Souls

When I heard about Kate Spade’s suicide this week, I was surprised, saddened, and like so many of us, intrigued by the backstory that had driven her to the extreme point of choosing to end her life.

And then to wake up to the news about Anthony Bourdain, hit like a thud. Also like so many of husband and I sensed Bourdain’s endearing, authentic, and sensitive nature, and we connected with him through the screen allowing ourselves to live vicariously through his off-the-beaten path culinary adventures.

So this week, I did what I’ve learned to do with pain...and after 17 years of living in chronic physical pain, I’ve had to get good at it. I just let the pain, sadness, heaviness be there. I let myself feel it as an individual and feel it as part of a larger collective.

Then today, I woke up, and implemented the process that allows me to move and shift with pain in my life. I call this process, “the pivot.” The pivot goes like this: whenever...

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