Transforming My Own Thinking has Transformed my Entire Life

Throughout my childhood, high school, and even college years, I developed a preconceived notion that “business people” are, in general, sneaky, sleezy, selfish, and somehow inherently “less moral” than those who work in the public sector.

Yes, as much as I prided myself on being an open-minded individual…that was one snap judgment that I often found myself jumping to. Now that I AM one of those people, what I’m experiencing couldn’t be further from my once believed “truth”.

Instead of finding a bunch of closed off, cold, and ego-driven people, what I’m experiencing is interactions with people who are looking to connect, to share ideas, to collaborate, to offer resources, and to help me learn from their own good and bad experiences.

Even more surprising….internally, owning my own business has made me feel WAY more inclined to open up, to stretch myself to get up to speed with the connective aspects of technology and...

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