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Unlock the Secret to Increasing Intimacy and Reconnecting with Your Partner

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Improve Your Relationship Yourselves

Our 5 Module Online Course is Designed to Get You & Your Partner Communicating More Openly & Constructively In The Comfort of Your Own Home.

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Are We On The Same Page?

This exercise allows both you and your partner the opportunity to identify what a great relationship looks like to each of you.  After sharing you'll put a plan in place for how you can blend your plans and make them happen.



How to Navigate Conflict Resolution Without Totally Losing It!

Every couple experiences tension and frustration - it's just part of life. Some of us stuff it down, some of us lash out in anger, and some of us flip back and forth and then feel cray cray! Get to the bottom of why this happens and then use our pillars of empowerment tools to get yourselves out of the drama triangle and back into love.



Everyday Stressors & Annoyances 
& How to Keep Them in Perspective 

In this module we'll dive into the day to day things that annoy you about your partner.  Maybe they always squeeze the toothpaste from the middle, or never put the keys where they belong, or routinely load the dishwasher the wrong way.  We'll help you identify these everyday stressors and give practical techniques to get past them so they don't end up becoming more meaningful than they are. 


Let's Talk About Sex, Baby

 A good sex life is part of any great relationship, and in this module we'll help you both articulate what enhances and shuts down physical intimacy.  You'll leave with a concrete action plan for improving the intimacy in your relationship and feeling closer to your partner.


Intentional Love: Uncover the Secret to Meeting Your Partner's Deepest Desires 

In this module you'll discover how you and your partner each like to give and receive love.  Uncovering these secrets will ensure each of your love tanks are kept full, and you each feel appreciated and treasured.  

Join These Couples & Unlock the Secrets to Increasing Your Intimacy

Unlock the Secret to Increasing Intimacy and Reconnecting with Your Partner

Sign up below and we'll email you the 3U's and 3C's that shut down intimacy

Frequent Obstacles We Hear

It's not unusual for one partner to need to be convinced to work on your relationship. 

BUT if you feel like you want to improve your relationship, and your partner is dragging their feet view this as an opportunity to practice your assertiveness and constructive communication skills. 

Let your partner know that this is really important to you and you want to have a better more fulfilling relationship or even just check in and do some preventative maintenance to avoid issues down the road.  

This course is a great place to start because the financial investment is low (especially compared to couples counseling) and you'll have the guidance of trained professionals to help create good ground rules (which helps to avoid fights as you dig up some issues).   

Plus you're really just asking for 1 hour a week for 5 weeks or even just 1 hour once if you want to try module 1 for free. 

If they are objecting try to get them to explain what is holding them back.  Do they think it will become a blame fest, do they just not want to spend so much time sharing their feelings?  Well the good news is that this course won't do either of those things!   We focus on creating a safe and constructive environment for you to check in with your partner, and get on the same page with things like what a great relationship looks like, how your sex life is going and how it can be great, and how you can best show each other you appreciate one another.

Plus as we learned, once that partner sees the HUGE benefits they will become a believer!  It's just a matter of convincing them to take that first step.

When you make a commitment to improve yourself you’re going to have to take a look at where you’re stuck and what’s not working, in addition to what is.

If you’re stuck, if you’re in a rut, if you feel like things are stale or stressful, or frustrating, there’s going be stuff to address. So, yes, you’ve got to be able to take a look at what’s not working or what you’re not super proud of in order to be able to change it or improve it, right?

The trick is not to get stuck there. We know the sticky subjects and always set ground rules about how we’re going to talk about this stuff so that we can address it and clear it up, but in a safe and constructive manner.

When we work with couples our job, is for you to come out stronger, closer, and better and we need to facilitate the right learning environment to make that happen.


One of our clients said that this was one of her biggest fears when her and her husband chose to take our course. So it surprised her when her husband actually said, I like doing this kind of stuff because it uncovers opportunity for our growth as a couple.


Yes you are going to have some deep conversations and we'll navigate through some delicate topics, AND that's why you have us virtually there to lay down ground rules to help the conversation go smoothly. 

Our prompts and questions are designed to get at those issues in a non-confrontational way and to have the tools right away to work through any conflict or hurt feelings that arise.  

Plus do you really believe just letting those issues be is a lasting solution?  Eventually they are going to come to the surface and it is better to have a constructive framework in place to discuss things than to just let it erupt in the heat of the moment.  

My response to this is how’s that workin’ out for ya? Do you think your kids notice and pick up on when you’re stressed or frustrated or irritated with each other?

Of course they do! Kids are like little energy detectors. You literally cannot hide from their radar in terms of what’s going on in their environment. So, remember that if you’re experiencing stress or resentment within your marriage and you have kids, they are going to feed off of that and ultimately your whole family is going to keep exacerbating that stress.

It doesn’t take long for you to all end up feeling stressed and unappreciated which takes all the fun out of family life.

Plus when you envision the relationships your children to have with their partner do you want them to have your relationship or something better?  Research shows children learn what a romantic relationship looks like primarily from their parents.  So if you want them to have a healthy and fulfilling relationship with their S.O. then it's your job to model that for them.

Great! Then you already have a sense of the fact that pretending things are fine when they aren't will not improve your relationship. You get that if you just let things stand as they currently are without bringing things to the surface there is a 0% chance that things will improve.

Our approach is a bit different than counseling in that it’s rooted in more of the coaching approach that takes you from where you are now to where you want to be rather than focusing on where you’ve been and how you got to where you are.

In that way, it acts a great supplement for people who are already doing counseling. The truth is, when we can hit stuff from all angles, we’re more likely to get the results we’re looking for in any area of our life.

Do you have the time and money to spend on divorce or cheating or splitting up? How much time and energy do you spend on complaining about your relationship issues either in your head or to others vs investing that energy in actually making it better?

How easily do you spend $250 with a trip into Target or by surfing online at Amazon? Our online course was intentionally created in order remove those barriers. You can do it on your own time and in the privacy of your own home. The course is just 5 weeks and you only need to dedicate about 1 hour per week to sitting down in front of the computer and learning.

Who wouldn't be willing to take 5 hours to drastically improve their relationship?

Plus we offer a 30 day money back guarantee, so the money piece is a no brainer. I’m honestly not sure how we could make it any easier or more accessible for people to intentionally improve this area of their lives RIGHT NOW.

In short yes it can, and it may be even better to do the course online than in person.  You can focus on one module each week and who doesn't think they can dedicate 1 hour each week towards a better relationship? 

You are in the privacy of your own home so you don't have to feel insecure about sharing intimate details which will really increase the effectiveness of the course. 

Finally if you aren't happy you can take advantage of our 30 day money back guarantee.




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