In this 60 minute keynote talk, participants will

re-think how they are investing their most prized resource: TIME!

Everyone is reporting feeling incredibly "busy." This causes our brain to perform as if it is in survival mode at all times, which creates undo stress & makes us less efficient and more exhausted.
It is essential for your people to learn how to prioritize their time by saying "No to what’s got to go, to say Yes to what’s best and will reduce stress.” I guide participants through a tested and practical process that helps tackle the age old problem of having too much on our plates.


#1 Starpower Exercise

Participants take the Fulfillionaire Self-Assessment by rating themselves on their 8 most impactful lifestyle habits. They take a look at where they are now and then DECIDE where they really want to be.

#2 Time Target to Thrive

Once participants have decided where they want to be, Betsy guides them through her Time Target to Thrive exercise. This allows them to re-evaluate the one resource that we all have the same amount of: TIME, and how we choose to invest it. 

Cultural Impact: 

  • Finally someone gets what I really need!
  • Attention to the mental & emotional support that is a MUST for people right now
  • Creates a crave-able culture where people feel want to stay 
  • Maintain rock solid morale & motivation
  • Optimize star performance & productivity
  • Retain your "right fit" people




  • Participants leave with a renewed sense of clarity, inspiration, and hope
  • Practical, step-by-step solutions for changing lifestyle habits regarding "investing" in the resource of time 
  • An action plan for how to move forward, with the 1st step already scheduled
  • Tangible worksheets and visuals to sustain & reinforce the learning
  • A boost to individual and team morale regarding what's possible
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Crisis to Opportunity:

How A Fulfillionaire Gets A Grip During Times of Uncertainty

In this inspiring and engaging keynote talk, Educational Psychologist & Executive Coach, Betsy Koepke, shares the 3 "Thoughts to Thrive" you MUST understand in order to remain clear and confident no matter what life throws at you. When you are clear about what truly fulfills you in life, then you hold the power to create the lifestyle you desire no matter what is happening around you.

Betsy covers the most common mindset pitfalls that zap your motivation and make you want to give up, and then she teaches you the mindset ninja skills to overcome them. You’ll leave this event feeling energized, strong, and prepared with a whole new arsenal of strategies and tools to take on the world with a perspective you've never had before!


10 Reasons to Lead

A More Minimalistic Lifestyle


Have you ever noticed that how you do anything is how you do everything? In this 30 minute Lunch-N-Learn, Betsy explains why ridding your life of unnecessary clutter can clear your mind and empower you beyond what you might imagine. 

Packed with humor, vulnerability, and depth, this talk leaves audience members feeling ready to tackle their clutter so they have more confidence, time, and energy!

After this talk, participants often send Betsy photos of all of the stuff they have cleared from their lives, which means they have more time and space to perform at their BEST!  Get up to speed with the minimalism revolution & treat your people to a talk they won't forget!